Open since 1993, Koreana proudly serves traditional Korean food offering Korean style barbecue, an elegant sushi bar, and a full service alcohol bar. Koreana recently reopened in April 2003, after an extensive renovation and remodeling of the entire restaurant including the main dining room, kitchen and bar.

Specializing in Korean style barbecue, each table has a built in cooking grill with a custom designed smoke ventilation. Koreana focuses on customer service with great attention to your dining needs while offering the best traditional Korean food possible.

Awarded best Restaurant in Boston by Best of Boston in 1998 and 1999, Koreana continues to offer quality food and service in an upscale atmosphere. Koreana has been highly acclaimed by critics in terms of service, taste, and price.

Catering to family, business and corporate dining of all occasions, Koreana invites you to dine in Boston's best traditional Korean restaurant.

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